About Circum Navigation

Why Choose Us As An Immigration Consultant?

Changing the way immigration and visa consultants function, Circum Navigation has been delivering tailor-made solutions to its clients for the past decade and a half. We assist in immigration to Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Hong Kong, Denmark, Germany, and Gulf Countries.

Relocating to a new place, for study or career, is not all about boarding your flight on time, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before you can even think about that. A lot of people could even lose their sleep over it, but not when we are there to assist you at every step of the process. We not only offer visa and immigration consultancy services but make sure that your move from India to the foreign land of your choice is as swift and smooth as it could ever get.

Allow us to help you get rid of your immigration and visa related worries. From the time we began, our approach has been simply to deliver solutions based on what our clients are looking for. We follow a three-part process that starts by listening to your needs, followed by acting accordingly and ends with delivering you the right solution at the optimal cost.

Our counselling service has helped many people settle quite conveniently in a new country. We are trusted and preferred by clients for our incessant objective to serve. Our counsellors are experienced professionals, who love to help people in making their dreams of working or studying in a foreign country a reality.

Be it study or career – we will always find you the best option.

Basically, we make your travel, settling in, and study tasks easier than you would normally find them. Our past work is a testimony to our commitment to clients; however, we don’t rest on our past laurels and make sure that clients are always offered exactly what they chose us for. Choose your destination, make your career plans, and just let us know about it. We will get our people to find you the best solution, at the best cost possible.

Get ready to experience a new life – get in touch with us today!

Our Work Includes following objectives given below :

1. Student Visa 2. Skilled Visa 3. Permanent Resident Visa 4. Travel Visa 5. Business visa

How We Work?


Counseling & Pre-Assessment

After a decent understanding of your provisions and thorough assessment of your application, we will identify and assist you with the easiest and the most effective approach to your immigration.


This evaluation will reduce the chances of rejection & mistakes, thereby maximizing the prospects of the positive result of your application.

HR Discussion

This is to identify and review your areas of concern. After a confirmation from the department, we will proceed accordingly.


After getting the go-ahead wave, we start the sign-up process and generate your file for further processing and assist you till the cusp moment of documentation and acceptance phase.
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